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We already cover most of the fashion trends for the summer but haven’t touched on accessories! So here is the focused for today romance and vintage lovers – floral necklaces. Designers like Lavin have focused on light and airy fabric based flowers, Marni on more free-form florals and Prada that focused on multiple beaded flowers all seem to have hand-crafted charm. You can get the same look for less.

Fabric Flower for less

Lavin Flower necklace

I won’t reveal the price but Joan River’s did a great fabric necklace for QVC.com for 29.62.

Joan Rivers for QVC

Artistic Flowers


This Marni necklace is very artistic. We loved the version that Forever 21 did for $14.80.

Forever 21

Beaded Flowers

Prada used beads to form flower pieces as seen below:


We went to Dillard’s to see this necklace worth 38.00 from Natasha.


If you find any jewelry other examples of flower jewelry or want to post something you own, please come by our facebook page at facebook.com/TheFashionGoddessBlog


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