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After 50 years, Yves Saint Laurent changes its name.

This topic probably hasn’t been covered because fashion favors trends and defining the look of ages as its latest obsession. Designers, however, main point is to add their own spin on the trends as well as start their own. Yves Saint Laurent was famous for starting “new look” scenarios but with changes rocking the designer house’s foundation we are asking what’s next?

Back in May, Harper’s Bazaar reported that Stefano Pilati, creative director of the brand, was leaving no doubt to pursue his own label after years at the brand as well as Raf Simmons who was only a year at Jill Sanders. This, of course, is old news but with the brand shorting their name to Saint Laurent and hiring a menswear designer to create women’s clothes, we have to image what the new , now Saint Laurent will offer in Spring 2013.

Hedi Slimane for Dior Hommes Spring 2012

The new creative director was announced as Hedi Slimane, former designer for Dior Men, for Saint Laurent (YSL will still be the logo) and we think the brand is trying to capitalize on the rising interest of tailored women’s clothes from former male staples like the business suit, buttoned linen shirts and tailored pants. Here is what we think Spring 2013 will offer for Yves Saint Laurent, oops I mean Saint Laurent. This new name will take some getting use to:

  • Blazers with a tailored look but with soft accents will probably be on the list. Belts or a cinched waist will be recovered from their fall 2012 looks.
  • Pants that are tailored at the hip but flair (straight down and no angles) at the thigh in a wide leg format to combine the chic look with menswear.
  • Partial pencil skirts in which the hip is tailored but in a light fabric so it flows at the thigh as one walks.
  • Sleeveless tailored tops in stripes or other common menswear print.
  • Higher waist-line dresses with tailored top and flowing skirt moving away from Saint Laurent’s overly baggy with belt dresses.
  • Broad shoulder details will remain but look sharper with tailoring

What are your thoughts about what the spring collection of 2013 will look like at the new Saint Laurent? Share your thoughts on www.facebook.com/TheFashionGoddessBlog.


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