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Top 10 nail polish

With all this talk about nails as a form of expression, we had to wonder: Why haven’t we covered nail trends in our blog? With all the choices of nail polish from stick-ons, press-ons and gel, we wanted to know a more affordable way to achieve the most fashionable look using, yep, regular nail polish. We compiled the best tutorials here so you can create the best affordable look, so dive in and post the picks on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/TheFashionGoddessBlog.

Tribal Beat

We saw this nail print on the runway of Altuzarra and knew there must be a worthy tutorial. For advanced nail artisans, we loved this tutorial by lovemynails. Please see video below:

For a more simple tribal we added this photo tutorial:

You can try this look with different background colors.

By changing the base color you can achieve many different looks.

Polka dots Nails

Polka Print

We saw these on refinery.com and thought they were worth sharing. The dots can be changed for the black and white styles or neon colors for the summer clothing trend styles.

Basic Colors

Pastels, neons and neutrals are the colors we are seeing in the salons and nail polishes. Of course, creativity is the new trend so don’t hesitate to mix colors and use them in the patterns we outlined.

For more image tutorials, check out our facebook page.


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