"Fashion at the speed of life"

As we prepare for fashion week in Florida, recently renamed Mercedes Benz Swim Week, we had to wonder why so few shows were allowing public access to collection previews. The reason ,of course,is simple, the fashion industry is now seeking to reach the masses not through the individual but through media. Who hasn’t been beguiled about an event they read about but did not attend? Is some of that awe and wonder removed when you know the event is not exclusive?

My partner and I have actually stopped attending shows here instead opting to go to New York because of the stream of public on-lookers who stopped more needed press, buyers and other industry people from attending the show. We even witnessed the turning away of a buyer that flew from Europe because of lack of sitting. Are we saying that fashion shows are not for the public? Of course not, but they have to be at least interested in the designer and know something about the designer’s style. They also would be willing to give up a seat to a more noteworthy individual.

There has to be a limit to how much of the public is allowed to view a collection and with this year’s mix of public and private shows as well as private viewings; there should be enough fashionable events for the industry, fashionista, or the fashion curious. So I say let the public in but set up some boundaries.

If you want to see the private shows, we will be covering them all and you can keep your awe and wonder as well as the clamoring for seats. Just sit back and enjoy.


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