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It is hard sometimes to enjoy multiple shows of swimwear when there seems to only be three styles: the bikini, unikini and the full suit (I wouldn’t mind the return of the tankini which is one of my favorite silhouettes that I haven’t seen in years), but somehow these designers had created a new and unique twist on the swimsuit not seen since the invention of the bikini. By not relaying on print alone like past seasons, I saw a variety of cuts, new shapes, and more body conscious styles. So here is my opinion of the designers that made swimwear exciting again.

Lisa Blue

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim - Lisa Blue 7/19/12

A full suit is combined with a blouse to create the perfect beach to off beach wear with the simple addition of a skirt or pants.

Lisa Blue showcased a theme that was called the year of the water dragon. The hues were mostly blue and white and the models slowly glided down the runway to Celtic music. The show was spectacular with Kabuki drums, Chinese dragon dancers and belly dancers including a celebrity appearance of our favorite dancing with the stars dancer, Karina Smirnoff. However, the true star of the show remained the swimwear with blouse-like tops creating a unique beach and off beach experience. Gold highlights made us forget about the limited color scheme which also had hues of pink (dark and light). We also saw the silhouette repeated on bikinis with fitted like a mid-riff top. The metallic mesh cover-ups were lovely enough to use as dresses (with or without a slip). We also liked the use of ruffles strategically placed on the shoulders and bikini bottoms. Usually, ruffles on bikini bottoms increases the hip which is always a no-no but in this case the ruffles are set in the middle of the bikini giving a slimmer thigh instead.

Of course, there were the standard bikinis as well but with mesh set in the middle made it fresh and modern. Then the use of stripe prints added a slight nautical look to the swimwear.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim - Eclairee - 7/20/2012

Color-blocking and the combination of solids and sheers made this bathing suit installation worth the trip to the penthouse.

Bright colors color blocked with netting made ÉCLAIRÉE one of our favorite swimsuit creations. The suits were color blocked with neutral colors and bright colors. There was a suit with a zipper detail with just beige front but hot pink sides that had a slimming effect on the waist. We also loved a black suit that had beige netting in the middle and a cascading sheer skirt attached at the hip. The cover-ups were also unique looking like sheer buttoned shirts with, of course, color blocked detail. There was no distracting music and like the Lisa Blue show the atmosphere was relaxing and drinks were served. Even though the swimwear was mostly neutrals (black, white and beige), the pops of color color-blocked in between was a breathe of fresh air and there were suits that were completely surprising like the turquoise suit at the right. Empire waist bathing suits and bikini tops with sporty cuts were also present.

Red Carter

Mercedes Benz fashion Week Swim  - 7/22/2012

The originator of sharp cut-outs returns with African prints.

The side cut-outs and the deep v center that shows the right amount of cleavage are trademarks of the Miami-based designer. New additions to his swimwear included African prints, a bikini top built like a bra and geometric color blocking. We loved the fearless accessories used in the show from the bold metal collars to the peacock like tail feathers. The cover ups were simple however, the designer was one of the few who did not shy away from bright colors and the prints were genuinely unique.

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