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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim wasn’t the only swim event in town that mid week of july, other shows included Funkshion, Moda and a new show that hailed from New York and LA called Salon allure. Salon allure created a more trade show atmosphere with several rooms donated to swim designers from around the world with a opening fashion show and a charity sample sale. After touring Mercedes Benz Fashion week Swim, my sister and I wanted to the see what swimwear would look like in the future. The new brands did not disappoint. Here are some of the swimwear designers we loved and couldn’t help wonder why they haven’t been able to break into the US market.


Salon Allure Trade Show

Salon Allure presented some unusual swimwear including this t-back suit by Peixoto.

Portuguese for fisherman this swimsuit is made in Columbia and features geometric prints, braiding details and full bottoms that have a great fit. The swimsuit company is based in Miami and has removable cups for fit. We also loved the retail friendly price at 126 dollars and up. The idea behind the swimwear is that they create a bit of mystery and classic beauty. This concept is most evident in the t-back white suit that has a classic cut in front and the mystery of the t-back shape that seems so seamless in fit.

The slogan “It seduces through mystery, sophistication and elegance, without giving it all away at first glance ” is definitely well presented in their designs.


Organic fabric and custom prints makes this handbag company one to watch. Koza handbags

Koza works with slouchy cork and designs her own prints and is considering launching a capsule collection of clothing. The prints are based on India story telling and present an organic feel. The product is made in New York city and launched in 2011. The retail price is 275 to 1000 dollars.

Danward Swim

Adding causal wear to men swim wear, this men swim line caters to affluent men.

We loved this line that focused on a problem that has been so well addressed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim for women, a swim look that can survive off the beach except for men. Danward designer was born in Japan and lived in Europe for thirty years. He worked with Bali and Hermes in causal wear and now launched this capsule collection for casual menwear this year. We loved the leather sandals and duffel bags that were convertible to messenger bags. The swim wear had a lovely t-shirt design with neon accents. We also loved the trunks that looked a lot like basic khakis.

The fabric is made in Italy and is treated so it actually has SPF protection built right in. The bags are priced from 250 to 275 and the shoes are from 20 to 275 dollars.

For more images of these lines, please come to our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ThefashionGoddessBlog


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