"Fashion at the speed of life"

We saw several designers we loved during Salon allure, a trade show that featured unknown talent. The hopes of all the designers who attended was to break into the difficult US market which its obsession with branding, celebrities and catchy marketing slogans or mascots makes it hard to reach the consumer.  Of all the designers we browsed (about 2 floors of designers were present), we loved several of them and so we decided to give a story on our blog on their story. This blog is one of many this month.

Beach Candy

The usual feature of this bathing suit company is they utilize crystal accents on their swimwear, which is where the candy comes into play. Beach Candy is made in Los Angeles, California and even though well received there (they have their own store), the brand hopes to go global this year.  The company produced six capsule collections this year and with a price range from 65 to 438 dollars, there is something for every budget. There is also something for every shape as well since the suits go all the way to size 16 and the cup size up to size E.

The customization of the suits allows the customer to personalize and makes the suite even more unique. The customer has the option to add or remove crystals and their wedding bathing suits allows brides to add their names  in crystal. The brand also creates their own fabric which feels like a tee-shirt but has the stretch of Lycra.

The designer, Brit B, was educated in New York and is inspired by the bright colors of Spanish culture. Brit’s goal is to make every woman feel comfortable and confident in her swimwear in which she especially takes pleasure in creating custom suits for her clients and seeing how delighted they are to finally have their perfect swimsuit. She hopes to continue creating custom swimwear while expanding the brand with the addition of new and exciting pieces to her ready-made collection.

We have to compare Beach Candy to AZ Ararujo and have to say that beach candy’s use of bi-cones were a lot more inspiring. We hope to see Beach Candy at Mercedes Benz Swim next year so we are crossing our fingers and I think Brit b is too.

Please visit our face book page for more images of this collection and all the collections we discussed during fashion week.


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