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Lamb Glam brings glamor to swimwear for little girls with bright prints, ruffles and rose details.


We rarely see bathing suits geared towards kids since little swimmers diapers seem to be all the rage now a days. Of course, children swim wear was always a miniature part of an adult collection and in my opinion, a little to risky for toddlers to wear. Enter Lamb Glam, a collection of only children swimwear featuring cute ruffles, bows, and prints of the designer’s sweet childhood memories. Even the mascot is adorable (a lamb with flowing brown hair and makeup) and sure to captivate all kids from 6 months to 6 years of age which happens to be their target customer. The line is refreshing embracing childish details while providing maximum coverage.

The brand is named after the designer, Carolina Lamb and is easy on the wallet with prices from 30 to 150 dollars. This is the company’s first year but we see big things for this brand.
Carolina believes her greatest blessing  and inspiration as the creator of Lamb Glam is her beautiful daughter, Luccia.  It is through Luccia’s eyes that the collection is conceived.  Luccia has a charismatic and vivacious personality and the collection is a literal interpretation of the joy Luccia brings to Carolina and her family.

The best thing about this swim wear is that there are snaps on the bottom for easy removal. Some of the prints are racy and I really would like the addition of boy shorts to the line for a more fuller coverage.

If you want to check out the newly launched children’s line (girls only), check out lambglam.com.




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