"Fashion at the speed of life"

So here we are once again at swim week in Miami. The hardest part of swim week is always picking the swimwear that stands out from the relentless march of bikinis, trikinis and unikinis (okay i made the last one up but it would be fun to see one :)) The trick for most swimwear designers is to design their own print. This trick has been quickly adapted to new swimwear designers and the more established kind but I have to say these designers did it best. So where does their print design come from? Well, Lithographs, of course. What’s a lithograph you say? Well, if you can recall you high school science days, it is a print created to mimic scientific fauna and flora (and sometimes insects, yuk!).  Haeckel Haus recreates the prints with bright contrasting colors, making the prints fun and less educational.  The print doesn’t stop at swimwear but the brand also makes pillows, scarfs, and wall stencils. They will even cover a table top with the print by request. We sat down with the designer to discuss how she came upon such an interesting take on a supersaturated market.


Comments on: "Salon Allure Spotlight: Haeckel Haus Swimwear" (1)

  1. Thank you Pink Diva Cutie for the interview. you have a dynamic energetic team!

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