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Blogs are being lit up for holiday jewelry  but what are the staples we should embrace for everyday wear and does personal style matter? Of course! So here is a quick guide to what to buy jewelry wise for everyday wear (or maybe you already have it in your wardrobe).

Sliver Jewelry

This trend is so broad that there is something for every style and here is the rundown of what you should wear if you are:

Punk or Rock: Thick chain in silver tones make the best way to utilize this trend; think large links which distress detail like twisted or etched (it makes it appear more edgy).

Glam: Silver collars with stone detail are the best way to make a statement but also plain collars with etched detail can be worn on a daily basis.

Vintage and Romance: Sculptured metal pieces are great especially with attached to thin collars.

Classic or Casual: Silver chain and charm combinations have simple statements and are great to layer.

Art Deco

To simplify this already over the top trend, think about getting enamel jewelry with metal accents for everyday wear. If you are:

Punk or rock: Gunmetal and enamel are great for punks (stud accents are great for rockers but hard to find with enamel accents).

Glam: Bright color enamels with gold metal expose is the best way to complement your wardrobe.

Vintage and romance: Full enamel in pastel colors ; think white, pinks and creams.

Classic and Casual: patterns in enamels (stripes, prints and art deco).


In order to make this trend more wearable, try looking for certain shapes that define your style.

Punk or rock: Thick shaped or Celtic crosses ( even t shape) are perfect with gun metal on thick chain.

Glam: Byzantine crosses with crystal detail.

Vintage and romance: Thin crosses with rose and scroll detail.

Classic and Casual: Thin crosses with defined edges or rosary styles.


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  1. this is amazing of all these i found ! tks so much

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