"Fashion at the speed of life"

We try to display fashion at the speed of life on this blog and we know if you don’t get it now, then it will be on sale and then on to the lower chains and  out of style before you can whip out your wallet. In fact, the sales actually discount items in style now. In this case, we may have to start displaying fashion at the speed of sale. Ox blood can only be found at discount stores like marshall’s and mall clothing stores like Charlotte Russe.  In order to make sure you get what you need for spring 2013, the holiday sales may be full of these items and you may find yourself buying spring 2013 during the holidays. Here are the styles to look for and remember, they also make great gifts for your fashionable friends.


Python prints

Anything in this snake print is in for spring so look for the following stores to put this look on sale: Dillards (they have a november sale), Macy’s (during black friday), and loehmann’s. We recommend this style to glam girls but it can go with every style if:

  • It has pleats or ruffles then vintage/romance
  • Tailored look for classic
  • Loose fit for casual
  • Structured for rockers
  • bright hues for punk (turquoise python)

Oscar de la renta


For spring, lace will be more opulent with print details worn into the general design. It will also be less see-throw with a more structured look. Be on the lookout for thiks trend to go on clearance this holiday season. We recommend this style for vintage and romance type but it can be adapted to any style if:

  • It has a slim fit for bottoms (think pencil skirt) or a boxy top for classic
  • It has a extra layer of coverage for casual
  • It’s in black for rockers ( go for gray since lighter colors are in for spring)
  • It’s in bright hues for punks

Louis Vuitton

Graphic looks

Not all the graphic looks for spring will be on sale during the holiday season but we have noticed one that has already been discounted so run and buy checker right now. By the time January rolls around these prints will be in mall clothing stores and the high-end lines will be at TJ Maxx. You can imagine my own surprise when I saw a Vince Cumato skirt in the paint/watercolor print I loved when it deputed in March for fall 2012 at TJ Maxx (on the first week of fall mind you) on clearance!! I bought it of course. The checker trend may meet the same fate since it is not a print worn by the young (I picked a pink checkered dress at H&M on clearance during the summer to wear to NY fashion week in September only to see a 70 year old woman wearing the exact same dress at the tents, needless to say I never wore it). We recommend this trend for classic types and feel you may pull it off in your style if:

  • relaxed fit, sweater or thick tee for causal
  • It has a black base with white or alternative colors for punk/rockers
  • If it has sequin detail for glam
  • It has ruffle detail for romance or flairs from the waist for vintage

If you spot the checker or stripe trend in stores, let us know where and we will post your comment on our Facebook page and here on our blog!!


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