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Velvet jackets were all the rage in the 90’s and I loved the one that I kept in red!! Velvet is a great material because it can go to work and to a night out. So we have worked up a guide for the best velvet jackets in the best price ranges – all under 50 dollars.  The problem is that low-end, high fashion stores like H&M, forever 21 and Joe Fresh have stayed away from this costly material so there are little options if you don’t want to purchase used.

The Velvet Jacket

This type of jacket can be very expensive since velvet is a costly fabric. If push comes to shove and the cost of a jacket outweighs the cost of your rent (as sometimes happens in this economy) or the amount you want to spend, opt for suede instead which has the same look and feel but at a fraction of the price. That being said, here is the few jackets in velvet we can muster at a budget friendly price. I am sure glad I kept mine and the figure required to still fit it.

This velvet jacket from chicwish.com has faux leather accents and is a steal at 45 dollars!


Blazer (see more navy blazers)

Then we ventured to mall brands and into Bebe’s lower end line, 2B and found this blazer for 45 dollars. It is great if you are into saving on shipping.

2b blazer

2b blazer (clipped to polyvore.com)
Your final choice is to buy secondhand from online stores like ebay or opt to travel into the men’s section at department stores which regular offer velvet jackets (men clothing are traditional lower than women’s because men need to be enticed shop as we consider it a sport).

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