"Fashion at the speed of life"

Election day is over and now we can focus on the biggest shopping days ahead. With the sale happening now faster than fashion can spin the trends into must-haves, this guide can help you decide, based on your own personal style, what to snap up on sale now during black Friday, cyber Monday and most recently added transaction Thursday (okay name is in the works but turkey day is fast becoming our new shopping mecca). So with just 1 week away to the three biggest sale dates, we are covering what to donate to keep for reuse in Spring, what to store because they may just come back into style and the new trends to buy because we haven’t seen them before but they belong in your closet anyway. If you want to print this guide sans pictures, just drop us an email or go to our Facebook page and post a request.


The trends for many seasons have crafted a type of juxtaposition between hard and soft for women but as a rock star, you want to throw away the soft mushy parts and keep the harsh exterior. This spring, leather and lace combinations, the harness and the love for the color red are all the components you will need to stand out with a rebel yell.


There isn’t much to keep from last spring where most of the trends were too flouncy for your taste but if you did embrace micro trends then:

  • Harness belts – they are still in style and can update those lace dresses you have as well as the leather (or faux leather) ones
  • Wide leg jeans – You are never a fan of the skinny jean revolution and now your preference for wide leg jeans are paying off
  • red is one of the colors for spring and you have plenty in your closet
  • black lace


So much that wasn’t your style was in style last spring so you really didn’t spend money buying anything, however, fashion is more about sophistication this time around so:

  • bulky silhouettes
  • T-shirts with band logos, word graphics or slogans
  • wedges – lower shoes are in style so break out the mary janes


So little to purchase this time as well as last time but if you are looking to add something to your wardrobe then:

  • Tuxedo shoes
  • Lace and leather combinations in skirts and tops


We rarely give your style their own separate category but this season, your rock siblings are not going to share your likes. This season focuses on bold prints which would scare rock style enthusiast (if that is possible) while you would embrace as something different.


  • colored  stripes – you love stripes ever since Tim Burton made it a goth staple
  • neon green – the only color to make the cut from last spring
  • wide leg denim


  • polka dot
  • optical prints
  • slogan T-shirts


  • long shorts
  • inky prints


Glamor has been added to every fashion staple this season from double slits to stenciling. Our love of sequins and rhinestones has however wilted.


  • midriff – shirts that show your midriff are still in fashion
  • Boxy tops
  • pumps


  • Metallics
  • peplum
  • rhinestone/sequin


  • power suits
  • dress with cut-out sheer panels (window dress)
  • gladiator heels

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