"Fashion at the speed of life"

Okay, this trend popped up two years ago for like 20 seconds and we all weren’t going to run to buy what seemed to be the micro trend of the moment. Well this flash in the pan trend as finally graduated to a season trend worth the effort to run to the store before it trickles down the drain and disappears. Not everyone can pull off clear jewelry so we are glad that the focus is on handbags and shoes!! We also glad that the clear plastic is paired with patent fabrics this time around which improves the over all look of the trend (which was the reason that it’s last appearance didn’t go over so well).

This trend may seem to require a pedicure, but in actuality the sides of the shoe or the heel are the focus for the clear cutouts while toes are covered with shiny fabric. So how do you wear this style if you are not a glam-a-zon? Here are some tips that you can use to carry this off:

Classic: Go for the pump variety with side clear panel accents while the heel remains solid or opaque. If you want a more casual look, go for enclose flats with the same detail.

Casual: we love flats, you say? Well, slingback styles with clear panels around the toe area are your best bet on pulling this trend off.

Punk/rock: Oxfords are punk go to styles for every day wear and removing the color block option can actually give these shoes a rock appeal as well. Rockers, if you are not afraid to go full on this trend,  can go full clear with stud accents for a more dangerous look.

Vintage/Romance: Pair a clear thick heel, toe panels and a bright print and you are back in the 1970’s but with a trend that is also wearable today. For romantics, embrace either the heel or the toe panel but not both to take this look from vintage to romance. Also prints need not apply.


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