"Fashion at the speed of life"

Winter White in every style
Winter white is the latest trend, I have come to love. White is a simple color to add to any wardrobe (except for rockers who love black and only black). So above we have highlighted a look from every style! The petticoat is of course romance! I love this type of jacket and throwing it over a pair of skinny jeans and some white boots and you are winter white ready.
Of course, if you are a punk dresser, I picked this cute kitty dress with bow tie..so kitschy!! For rockers, I picked white studded boots but I also saw a white t-shirt with studded shoulders. This look is so DIY you can probably recreate with a white t-shirt from Wal-mart and some studs from studsnspikes.com.
For classic dressers, I picked a white pencil skirt, pair with a buttoned down blouse which can always be found in white and instance classic chic!!
For casual dressers, we added a white turtle neck. I saw several at JcPenney’s for 9.00!! Pair it with a pair of white jeans and white sneakers and you look ready to relax! Add jewelry to glam up the look for a night out!
For Glam dressers, look for sequin, rhinestone or feather accents like the dress we highlighted!!
Vintage dressers stick to snitched waist shapes and bustier stuctured tops.

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