"Fashion at the speed of life"

So this spring, prints return with hippie flair!! Some are new and some are through backs from last summer. Polka dots, and stripes are the newest edition to the print craze. With the love of black and white arriving this fall, it is no surprise that contrasting stripes are one of the most versatile patterns to wear this spring.

Graphic prints for Spring 2013


We usually wait for part 2 to cover this section but numbers do not lie. So here is the print you should buy for Spring 2013: Graphic prints!!  Graphic prints create instant glamor. For day wear look for prints that have a white background and a splash of pastel prints while dark backgrounds with bright colors are great for the night out.

Keep (These prints  were in for fall and will continue to be in for spring 2013):  Geometric prints and pair with pastels for an update from the drape fall pairings.

Store: Neutral animal prints are outdated for spring 2013 and should be stored. Instead opt for animal prints with bright colors.

Buy: Graphic prints.

Deconstructed printed dress looks from MaxAzaria


Your love for color separates you from rockers. Deconstructed prints have the great combination of being edgy and colorful. The prints are reminiscent of shattered glass and we love that it comes in a variety of colors.

Keep: Stripes which first appeared in early fall and are still a staple for spring 2013.

Store: red and black combinations which were great for fall have been replaced with pastels. Sad but true.

Buy: Deconstructed prints in bright colors.


Camouflage has been a staple in your wardrobe for some time but now it gets an updated twist with abstract features in bright colors.

Store: Black and white separates are out but black and white prints can be still be worn.

Keep: Leather items. This trend has nothing to do with prints but new varieties are in bright colors. However, black will work just as fine over the bright prints of spring 2013.

Buy: camouflage print with a twist.


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