"Fashion at the speed of life"

This print is possible the most difficult to match because of its bright and showy nature. It can be collectively too bright for Causal, too busy for classic, too dressy for a punk and too over the top for a rocker. It can possibly only be appreciated by glam dressers and vintage person obsessed with the 1960’s. However, this high- born trend can be incorporated into your wardrobe with 3 simple rules and of course in every style!

metallic print

Rule #1: Never wear it all at the same time

If you happen to be a Glam dresser and can pull of a mirror print dress then more power to you but if you happen to be one of us fear dressers (attention? never!!) then separates are the key to wearing this trend successfully in your style.

Romance: Add a long flowing skirt to this trend and just keep the top mirror print. A short skirt will instantly make you look immature and we do want to look as chic as possible!

Classic: Add a mirror pencil skirt and keep the top neutral!

Rock: Look for mirror print jeans or any fitted pants and add a band or slogan t-shirt. Mix in some studs if you feel adventurous!!

Punk: Go for a mirror tank top and add a pair of colored jeans. Keep the jacket as punk as possible.

Vintage: Flowing mirror pants are your best bet with any classic fit top in white.

Casual: A mirror pencil skirt with a t-shirt looks great but it seems too adventurous, go for mirror sneakers instead.

A group of mirror metallic shoes

Rule #2: When in doubt Accessorize

If you feel that all this glitz is too much for you then try adding an accessory instead of clothing to embrace the trend while still being true to yourself!!

Romance: add rings in mirror effect.

Classic: Add mirror pumps to everyday wear.

Rock/Punk: Look for mirror print necklace using words or images.

Vintage: Try a mirror handbag which is very mod when paired with your style.

Casual: Go for mirror sneakers instead.

Rule #3: Don’t mix this print!!

Okay. We all have noticed that mixing prints has become some sort of norm these days but this print can only overshadow any other print paired with it. It is meant to stand on its own. So romantics, do not mix with floral, rockers, do not mix with stripes, punks do not mix with acid wash, vintage, do not mix with hounds-tooth and I hope I do not need to go on. Of course, every other style is kinda print-phobic (getting a classic dresser into prints will give anyone an headache).

This is not a rule but have fun with it!!


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