"Fashion at the speed of life"

I almost forgot to revisit this post with our second installment. It seems like some prints keep coming back in fashion but somehow old is new again with fresh print combinations inside the fabric print, changes in texture and of course, the occasional optical illusion. Here are the prints we are recommending for vintage/romance, classic and casual.

Checkers are not just black and white anymore!!


This style is usually lumped together with romance in this blog because ruffles and pleats were last seen in the 70’s. Now that ruffles are making a comeback, it seems unfair for us to continue treating romance and vintage styles the same. So we picked a different print for vintage this time. We love checker print because black and white is so hot right now but also it has 70’s flair. This trend heads toward herringbone in the summer so consider shopping for both now. Of course, herringbone should be something you already have in you closet.

Floral prints have such great variety this spring, no romance style will ever get tired of wearing or buying them.


Floral print gets several updates this season from mono-color, to brush stroke, large blooms and small; the choices are endless.  Small flower prints are great for casual wear, wear large flower focal prints to the office and more abstract floral prints can be worn for special occasions.

Polka dots are so chic when tiny and playful when large.


Play with polka dots! Polka dots are playful when big but sophisticated when small. This versatile print will take you from work to play as they grow in size!! Chanel did a great rendition in small scale. Sheers add a new twist from the spring 2010 mini trend as well as ruffle accents.

Stripes are so versatile and can be worn with anything!!


Stripes are so Paris and look great with jeans!


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