"Fashion at the speed of life"

With the focus on nail art as an accessory, it is the easiest way to update your wardrobe plus it gives the salon industry a must needed injection this spring. So what nail trend seem to be popping up this spring. We are seeing the prints from the runway appear on your fingers! Of course, it’s not just about color, creativity or style anymore but also shape as well. As usually we pick the best trends for each style and we will also include a like to a how to video as well so you could complete the look at home!!

Glitter tip go soft here but a base color can increase the glam effect!


Glitter tipped fingernails are so glamorous! Wear it with a neutral color to play it down or play it up over a metallic! This trend reminds me of the mirror metallic print we are seeing on runway which of course is a print you (as a Glamorzon) want to purchase.


Dripping blood nails in Spring!


Parbal Gurung’s Spring 2013 runway featured these  nails and of course such a dark nail trend is right up the alley for you. The love of oxblood arrived last fall but the color has a new life as a tongue in cheek nail art.


It’s casual in bright colors and in neutral tones it is so classic!


This nail art features features a base color and a metallic stripe down the middle and makes a nod to the stripe print we are seeing on the runway this spring. Using bright colors with metallic takes it very casual with a sporty look but flip it to classic with neutral base color (think white or cream) and add a matte metallic instead of sparkle and it instantly becomes classic.


Add charms and babbles to your nails!


This trend is the most versatile since it allows you the most creativity.  Add flower and heart motifs for a romantic look or go for beads and filigree for a vintage look.


Comments on: "Nail Trends for Spring 2013: Texture and Prints" (1)

  1. Love the blood nails!!! they totally reminded me of this pillow on etsy

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