"Fashion at the speed of life"

This trend can be difficult to shop for because it can easily look cheap and who wants to look like they are wearing over styled plastic? Here is some simple rules to follow:

  1. If not comfortable with the entire look go for a clear heel only
  2. If you want to take down the cheap effect look for plastic and solid combinations
  3. If you do go full plastic, purchase one with adornments like crystal and beads

Simple right? So here are best of the least costly we saw across the web and in stores:

Clear Heel

The most hardest to find of the clear shoe trend, designer styles like Prada have pulled it off.  So looking for affordable shoe in the style will be a task. Don’t worry we have done all the research (I think I should have been paid for this ;). Our long journey took us to Charlotte Russe which had a clear heel platform shoe in suede!!

Clear heel platform at Charlotte Russe for 42.40 plus if you buy two shoes you get it for 15.50

Plus if you buy two shoes right now.  You can get it for 15.50. Yep, Buy one get one for 15.50. Great deal for a trendy shoe.

Plastic and Fabric combinations

Heels in this combination are going to cost you a mint but we found a reasonably priced shoe at Macy’s by BCBGeneration at 89.00. If you go during one of Macy’s many one day sales then you can scag an extra 15% off which could bring it down to 75.65.

BCBGeneration at Macy’s for 89.00

We also decided to look for flats for our casual and romantic friends and landed at Forever 21!! These cute peep toe shoes are bright yellow and sport a cute bow. So it adds an element of color to the trend plus it’s only 24.80!!!

Forever 21 peep toe jelly flats for 24.80!!


Clear adornment

This shoe is a great going out shoe but can look cheap real fast so be careful of designer knock-off 9.99 shoe store varieties that can display glue marks and other signs of cheap manufacturing. We actually went to sears for this style and found one for 56.72.

Ellie at Sears for 56.72

Sear’s site actually sales items from other sites and I found other styles starting from just 20 dollars!!


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