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Imagine Dragons

This Nevada band of guys takes rock to a lighter side with a focus on drums and a play down of the guitar. Even though this band was just signed in 2011, they have changed some members but that hasn’t effected there music. Here is the low down:

  • Debut alum peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart with first week sales in excess of 83,000 copies
  • Highest debut alum of an alternative rock band since 2006
  • album also reached #1 on the Billboard Alternative and Rock Album charts
  • Billboard Magazine listed them as one of “2012’s Brightest New Stars”

Still the most interesting story is behind the band’s name which is an anagram of their previous name. The band says they will never reveal the name. Well, we are a curious group and so we plugged their name into an anagram software and got some interest combinations. Could these names been one of the past band name:

  1. Agonising Dream
  2. A groan demising
  3. Grim and agonies
  4. Mean God arising
  5. God is remaining
  6. Damage on rising
  7. A mean rigid song
  8. Ego and a grim sin
  9. Omega and rising
  10. Going as in dream

So what do you think?  The name surely contains one of these words, dream, rising, and grim. Tell us what anagrams you came up with at our facebook page: thefashiongoddess!


Comments on: "Imagine Dragons" (5)

  1. rising as megadons

  2. I really think that its not a word or a phrase just a few letters or random word that hhas something conneted to them in some way like a memory or a thought thats important to them I would like to know but at the same time I understand why they would like to keep it to themselves.If they someday choose to share it they will if not then thats that.

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  4. It’s ragged insomnia. The name is revealled in on thop of the world MV. At 00.33

  5. Hey im a young teen that really enjoys this band. I honestly believe that maybe their band name is up to our “imagination”.

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