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Style File: Dark Romance

Dark Romance

It has been suggested that Dark Romantics present individuals as prone to sin and self-destruction, not as inherently possessing divinity and wisdom; the natural world is dark, decaying, and mysterious; when it does reveal truth to man, its revelations are evil and hellish but there is always light in the darkness and that light is love. “Twilight” would be the perfect example of dark romance idealism and in fashion, Wednesday Adams. So what really defines this look? Let’s break it down!


Neutrals are our friends just like rockers but we prefer creams,blushes and grays or the lighter side of neutral! Lace and sheers are fabrics well received but also fabrics that can go dark; looking ominous in black. In shoes, flats and sandals are preferred. Heels are worn in the form of wedges and never pumps.The shape is flowing, with no form-fitting attire.


Of course you know that rockers like black, dark greys, dark greens, and red. They do wear lace on occasion but in black and no accents (gold accents may appear on romantic lace). Lace usually has small print and no floral.


In the look above, the top (Newlook.com, $27) is very romantic but the collar and the cut of the sleeves add a rocker feel. The color is also very romantic in a pink (yes romantics consider pink a neutral). The shape and color of the shoes (Sam Edelweiss, $145) is tres romantic but the stud detail add a rocker touch. The shorts (Rare london, $57) have a more rocker feel with the touch of lace on the bottom adding a hint of romance. The jacket is straight rocker and is just a reference to show the differences of the combined dark romance. The purse is in a romantic color but the skull closure and gold stud accents.


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