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Everyday we go to several stores, it has come apparent that we are seeing the same items at different prices. My partner are calling it SSDS syndrome. The acronym simply means “same stuff different store”. Of course, this syndrome makes shopping tedious (ah, the horror) but it also raises some questions about manufacturing and the part it plays in fashion. Are manufacturers producing knockoffs of designer brands and offering it to chain stores?

Case in point, one shopping took my sister and fellow blogger went to three different stores in search of the perfect studded boot. We saw the same boot at stevemadden.com, JcPenny’s and dots. The price of the boots started at 89, then 29 and finally at dots on sale for 12 dollars. The quality was different of course but most who cares about quality if the shoe looks the same right?

It is one thing to create trend based clothes but should companies like The Wanted produce shoes similar to designer shoes that sell well? Here is another example:


Steve madden vs  the wanted


Finally, clothing designers are buying designs from manufacturers and just adding thier name but not opting for exclusive rights. A trip to Loehmann’s, which sells designer brands at discounted prices, proved this point when we saw they were selling the same dress with two different designer names.

As new designers cropping up depend more on local manufacturing, we hope to see this trend on the decline. Until then cure SSDS syndrome with a trip to Cusp, Esty or Macy’s new site for new designers.


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