"Fashion at the speed of life"

This spring, it is all about accenting your best features and with glam and punk views there is no exception!! The face will remain nude for every look this fall except blush passion! So here are some tips to get you going in the right direction!

For flawless looking skin:

  • start with a sunblock
  • add a serum or primer
  • Add a foundation
  • finish with a powder ( because I am of mocha skin, I use a translucent powder to finish so foundation needs to match)

If your skin has dark spots, add a concealer after you apply the serum or primer and let try.


Eyeliner madness

Blue and black eyeliner is having a moment and just like the other trends, the main focus is the eyes while the face remains matte. For rockers, use black and for punks, wear the blue.

For a more daring look: Try green eyeliner or eyeshadow.


Blue and Green eyeshadow Spring 2013 trend

Green and blue eyeshadow is great and in so many colors and styles, it can be very versatile!! Use glitter shades for night and more matte shades for morning and afternoon.

For daring looks: Try to combine the blush look with the red lips trend!!


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