"Fashion at the speed of life"


It’s Indie music week so we will be bringing you updates on your fav indie rock chicks! Emilie Autumn, Kerli and The Wondergirls !We always love Emilie Autumn Victorian Raggedy Annie style but her latest album based on show tunes has her showing a all new fascination with bodice, fishnet stockings and long socks giving a whole new meaning to “individual style”. Coupled with the usually extras like feathers and trim we can still see her Victorian roots. The only way we can describe her new style is “Victorian American Grunge” possibly a throwback to her return to the US coast of California.

We also bought the album which the title song our first download, “Fight like a girl”. The song is slow to begin in typical Emilie Autumn style and builds a momentum with a high pitch violin for almost a minute. The song is basically a neo-war song against the greedy and cruel. The song kinda states that girls fight better if not more cunning then the other sex. The song has instant anthem quality. I have yet to listen to all the songs since the album has a overwhelming 16 songs. Wow!!!

Now if she could only keep her tour dates in the US. I went to Orlando to see her show and made her a hat but the show was canceled the day before it was scheduled. The same thing happened at the Miami tour date. I would love to see her in concert someday and if any body has a tour schedule in the Us let us know. I still have the hat. Oh, by the way, still a fan.

Here is the title song:


You can pick up the album on Amazon.com or itunes.com.


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