"Fashion at the speed of life"

Next up in our Indie series is my fav Estonian, Kerli! I know we all loved Kerli’s haunting voice and bubble goth style but lately her record company Island Def Jam records has thought that with Kerli’s stunning looks and voice they would try to change her image to that of a techno house musician. Gone are the fascinators, skulls  and pretty corsets. She now bares her mid drift and wears a lot of bright fishnets, hot pants  and dreads. She did have that edgy goth sound mixed with techno and it worked beautifully with “Army of Love” and “Zero Gravity” but then it started to change and goth was left on the cutting room floor and techno took over.  I find myself highly disappointed after hearing  “The Lucky Ones”. Now she has released a mini album in March of 2013  ”Utopia” and I can’t believe how much Kerli has changed and not for the better. (The only song that makes me believe there still is a chance for Kerli is the stunning ballad “Love Me Or Leave Me”) I am so confused as to why Island would take on a goth artist only to completely change her sound and look when she had millions of views on youtube and sales with songs like “Walking on Air” and “Tea Party” now sadly her new songs get only thousands of views and she has been delegated to sad South Florida concerts where she is one of dozens of acts and not even a main artist. I’m hoping things will change when her record label sees that people aren’t warming up to the new sound. Kerli please go back to the lovely goth artist you were.

Kerli Then

Kerli starting to transform with “Army of Love”

Kerli now

Kerli 2013 “Utopia” mini Album


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