"Fashion at the speed of life"

Last week, we spoke about fashion collaborations this summer in clothing and makeup that we thought could be a hit or miss. We hinted at Rhianna’s 90’s makeup redox and Beyonce’s cliche print choices but these collaborations were down right strange. What happens when fashion is applied to other markets? Sometimes a disaster. Here are some collaborations that weren’t has successful as hoped.

Jeremy Scott poses with his smart car design.

Jeremy Scott for Smart Car

Even though this is not the first time a designer paired with a car company (Issac  Mizrahi designed a car for Chevy Malibu), this car has some unusual features a kin to Jeremy Scott’s wing shoes for Adidas. Although the features were well loved in a shoe, they are a miss on a car. Wings on a car reminds us of fins back in the 1950’s. It does not make the car go faster but actually increases drag which can increase the usage of gas. Not very smart for a smart car.

Alexander Wang for Samsung

Wang is designing a bag for samsung that is basically prints of past samsung cell phones. Somehow Wang thought he was contributing to fashion in everyday life according to WWD:

“I am most inspired from my everyday life and the people that surround me, so the idea of a co-creation with the people that I admire and respect the most is very exciting. […] This collaboration represents a new way that technology and style can come together.”

However, the bag is lack-luster at best. We have to say we expect more from the new creative director of Balenciaga.

Kate Moss for Sushi Shop

I love sushi but do we really need a designer box to carry 40 pieces? In Japan, where sushi began, we can see a need for a box to carry 40 pieces but still, the designer box seems unnecessary.

As usually, what started out as a way to introduce new designers to other markets has become more of a marketing scheme. We already have celebrities moonlighting into other markets so why should designers do so as well? We are already seeing a decline in collaboration interest and these collaborations may be the reason. When new ideas goes mainstream, we lose interest.  Ease up on the collaborations and keep our interest or this marketing scheme will be put to pasture.


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