"Fashion at the speed of life"

Gimmicks of layering makes Michelle’s pieces interesting but what’s underneath?

When Michelle won Project Runway over designers who hand created textiles and revolutionized everyday silhouettes, we had to wonder, has fashion become a series of gimmicks? We have already seen celebrities who put their names on clothing designed by some poor student designer begging to be creative director of something fly off the shelves and collaborations that are just for market value and now we are seeing great designers put to pasture for young gimmicky ones?

Philipp Plein, german designer

The future of fashion has meet an impasse: do we want young design talent like Alexander Wang or do we want gimmicky prints and over the top designs no one can wear in real life? Someone once said “Fashion is not art. ” We do not hang it in galleries, we hang it in stores. So we want to know if it can be worn by the average person. While we can appreciate a line that pairs function with art, we can’t or shouldn’t tolerate a person who creates standard clothes and then adds a lot of useless gimmicks to make it interesting. Maybe it’s time that fashion returns to simplicity and let the clothing speak for itself.  However, some designers may have nothing to say.


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