"Fashion at the speed of life"

Last week, the Latin billboard awards brought the best  of Hispanic talent to Miami. Coral cables was lit up with great performances and of course, fanfare. Even though A-list stars like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony haven’t participated in years, the award show still has a special place in Miami’s Latin culture.


The main reason for this post is the gifting lounge which boasted little product and more gimmicks and displays. It also boasted brands that had more mainstream notoriety like dockers and veet. We griminced at the colgate table.


  We actually came to see Carlo Pazolini which is an Italian shoe company debuting in Miami. After getting the rude treatment from the sales rep, the manager of the store gave a lively presentation. We loved the brand but wonder if the store employees were ready to cater to a more diverse clientele.


Finally,  we went to Wella who was offering to braid our hair. I took the challenge and loved the comment from the stylist about my natural tresses. She put her fingers through my hair for some time before she started which made me think she was looking for tracks.

After such a reception, I can see why the award show gifting lounge was only visited by tv celebrity and why the reward show is declining in popularity.  In a diverse market,  it pays to keep an open mind.


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