"Fashion at the speed of life"


We always like adding new styles for you to try and emulate on our blog. This look is mostly black but Cyberpunk is versatile since you may find stripes (red and black mostly), plaids and neon in the mix. Here are somethings to remember and trying this futuristic style:

  1. Punks usually don’t wear heels but Cyberpunks prefer it.  Grommets, leather like detail, studs and other novelties rule this look.
  2. Don’t be afraid of risky prints since this look actually calls for it.
  3. Remember to add some unfinished detail since punk is all about unfinished looks.
  4. Make something. Most punks redesign their shoes and handbags with safety pins and other objects.
  5. Be confident in what ever you wear. If you feel like you are wearing an outfit then it’s time to change it.
  6. Mainstream it with body-con dress with socks, torn jeans and a structured top, etc…
  7. Finally, have fun!!

With futuristic looks on the runway this fall (spoiler alert), it’s the best time to try this look out.


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