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As a punk enthusiast, I know there are many versions of punk and that every place around the world most likely has a unique way of representing it. Because it is such a diverse clothing style, we expected the attendees of the MET ball to get it right. Of course, in reality, there were some hits but mostly misses. So let’s pick out our worst and best punk looks of the night.

The Worst

Beyonce’s mixed media dress falls flat.

Even though this dress has mixed media elements with matching gloves and boots, it is not punk. The main problem is that it is way too polished because the barque details are too extravagant.

Kristen Stewart looks like she stole someone’s curtains to make this jumpsuit. if she did, it may be the only punk thing about this outfit.

I guess the MET should have an early showing of the punk exhibit for those attending the MET ball. This outfit has nothing punk about it except it is in a bright color. Lace is considered a part of Gothic romance but the red screams American punk color. The outfit seems a little disjointed.

Can you say rock and not punk?

Okay, the first two celebrities here are definitely wear rock inspired looks and no surprise because some people do not know the difference between rock and punk. While rock lies heavily on added details like studs, and grommets, punk is more of an attitude of “I don’t care”. It’s about ragged edges, frayed emotions and wearing your feelings on your sleeve. Rock is an attitude while punk is a rebellion. Punk uses studs as accents while rock uses it as an embellishment, pair down on the studs and leave the grommets to the side of the dress for more of a punk attitude. The last lady in this trio went totally Japanese but not Japanese punk which could have been achieved if the dress was fuller at the bottom and shorter.

The Best

These ladies know punk!!

These ladies know punk!!

Now these ladies know punk from head to toe!! We love Nicole Richie’s  take on Shiro Lolita, or “White Lolita” which is a Lolita outfit made entirely of white, cream, or off-white co-ordinates. The white hair adds something extra as well!!

We liked Miley Cyrus’s look has it goes into Gothic romance and the spiky hair. It’s a surprise since her punk photo shoot was full of inappropriate clothing that she somehow confused with punk.

Julie Macklowe is all American-punk here if it was worn by barbie, the mix of bright colors and almost hidden crystal accents make this look passable. She could have pulled off Princess Lolita if she ditched the American punk collar but she get points for the color strikes in her hair.

Madonna goes full British punk here, and like Nicole Richie, gets the star for best dressed.  A little short for full punk flair but the ripped stockings, just the right amount of studs (doesn’t cover the whole jacket) and the bright shoes are just right. Hair is way to old for us and we would of love to see her go more daring like a hot pink short wig that matched the shoes.

What celebrity did you think was best dressed? Comment below or add it to our facebook page where you can add pictures as well


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  1. Wow! You know your punk! What a great and detailed blog post! Keep up the amazing writing!! You r awesome!!!!!!!

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