"Fashion at the speed of life"

Summer is around the corner and new fashion styles for each season are keeping us going to the stores to update our look. Stores are profiting off the change of seasons but with little money in our pockets, it may be best to shop our closets. Here is a look at some styles that came back from last summer, some styles that came in from fall and some styles that you may find in the closet.

last summer trends that might be here to stay.

Last summer trends to wear now

Last year’s looks is this year’s show piece. Add these trends to your look and save money:

  • Red

Reds is one color that has staying power and just like last year, pull out this bright color. Update: Add a print top or bottom or go tribal to embrace the new trend of tribal and print.

  • Minis

Short skirts are still in but keep the ones above the knee or mid-thigh and store those just below the butt. Update: Pair with neon (if black) or prints (color) for a look that is right now.

  • Ankle socks

If you can pull off socks with sandals then this trend has staying power. Update: Pair with shorts rather then a mini skirt.

Spring 2013 trends: What are you keeping?

Current Spring trends that transitioned to Summer

As we know, not all trends from spring will transition to Summer (we can’t do the layering thing), so here are some items you may have in your closet that you just purchased a couple of months ago that can be added to that summer wardrobe:

  • Floral Prints

Usually just for spring, this print is having a summer moment. Update: Pair with neon if your bold or a solid tee if your demure.

  • Sheers

This look is sticking around for summer. Update: Add a pop of metallic to make it more summer or pair with a graphic print.

  • Black and white

We are seeing this trend not only in solid separates but also in prints. Update: Do this look with shorts.

What’s hot now?

  • The 90’s

Think graphic tees, white jeans & nerd chic and you have the nineties in a nutshell.

  • Neon

Still relevant and may be a keeper. Update: Pair with dark colors and ditch the bright colors when wearing neon.

  • Prints

Celestial, tribal and stripes are having moment for the summer.

  • Shorts

We are not talking jean shorts. Soft shorts in lovely fabrics are what this trend is all about. Try new brights for an update.

Sometimes garbage can be fashion but other times, it just takes up space.

So now its time to toss

Okay, so now we know what to keep. Here is what to toss:

  • Iridescent

This trends was so in for Spring but summer finds us storing them or toss if this trend doesn’t fit in your regular rotation.

  • Androgynous

Feminine looks have been reborn so the spring masculine is out.

  • Cut away clothes

Modesty is in this summer so keep the crop top and toss the cutouts.


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