"Fashion at the speed of life"


With so many trends bouncing around in the fashion world from the truly bizarre (socks and sandals?) to the ultra weather determined (shorts in Arkansas?), fashion is a train with so many stops none of us is sure where to get off. So here is a few tips on deciding whether you will abandon your style for trends or incorporate your own style:

I want to enhance my own style…

Okay, so you want to be trendy and have your own style, here are some style specific trends:


Okay, so your style is more buttoned down so you can either:

Be trendy and Classic– Wear mini skirts and pair them with a staple color – red and emerald green are big this summer.

Be trendy and bold – Wear shorts and pair with a boxy top.


So your style is more laid back so you can either:

Be trendy and Casual – Wear the jean trend and wear a jean vest with regular jeans.

Be trendy and bold – go for the sporty look and you can have both!!

I want to go out on a limb…

Okay so you don’t want to be safe, here are some trends for the strong willed:

Classic – Go tribal and where bold brights. This style is way off your comfort zone but worth it for shock value.

Causal – Wear shorts which means you have to shave your legs but at least you can still wear sneakers.




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