"Fashion at the speed of life"

With so much talk of truth in advertising from H&M’s use of realistic models and Old Navy using diverse persons to represent their brand, we have to wonder why some companies are still focusing on only one consumer ideal even if it is not a realistic one.

Another blonde haired guess girl?

The Advertising

Guess wants to  formulates exactly the right message to pull in their consumers- one that can resonate with the core of the audience. They want the guess girl to be sexy and innocent at the same time as well as white. The truth is Caucasians are rarely looking at Guess.com. In fact, quantcast.com, which tracks traffic demographics state the most common seeker of Guess products is in fact Asian – making up 51% of traffic followed by Hispanics at 26%, and Blacks at 17%. In fact, as of February 2013, Caucasians rarely visit the site so why is the brand so loyal to an ethic group that doesn’t shop it’s brand?

The answer may lay in the fact that Caucasians make up a large population in America which is GUESS’s target market but maybe it is time for them to enter the Europe and Asian Market instead of alienating there customers.

Anna Nicole’s bubbly personality is more appealing then the usual sex fueled ads.

Sex Sales?

Secondly, if a lot of Asians are coming to your site then why portray the GUESS girl has a mix of sexy innocence? Anna Nicole Smith may have been the best ad campaigns produced by GUESS. She was relate-able and not too thin to alienate girls plus she was ethically androgynous. In her ads, she was having fun and personality that is open can be very attractive.

If GUESS played up its innocence and played down sex then maybe they can reach a broader demographics.

What we would like to see

Does the Guess girl have to be white and blond? Diversity is something everyone embracing even if its size or color, so maybe GUESS should try doing a new ad campaign that reflects the customers they have and not the ones they want because at the end of every period, its the people they are not advertising to whom are buying their clothes.




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