"Fashion at the speed of life"

O.P.I minnie mouse collection

After receiving the “A Moust Have” from O.P.I’s Minnie Mouse collection courtesy of Vogue Insiders, we had to recreate a latest fashion print, polka dots!!

Trying on the polish

OPI minnie mouse's collection goes on smooth!!

OPI minnie mouse’s collection goes on smooth!!

The nail polish gets points for going on smooth but the sheer effect of the first layer means we have to apply for as well as wait between coats. However, the polish dries so quickly that extra coats are a breeze!!  The thin coat of the nail polish also makes it easy to clean-up especially if you happen to not be an expert painter like me 🙂


The next step is to add the design. We add polka dots. The problem with the nail cover polish is that it took longer to dry on top of the O.P.I and smeared easily. It is a minus if you love to mix and match nail polish brands but if you are loyal to O.P.I, designs are easier with a faster drying nail polish.


The colors are a limited in various pinks and reds (we would have loved a white or black tossed in since Minnie Mouse has these colors as well) but the smoothness of the polish and the quick drying time make it a plus. Mix with other OPI colors for a more diverse effect.  Plus red is so haute right now.


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