"Fashion at the speed of life"

Living in Miami means that it’s hot all the time and there is little to do but shopping and beach combing. However, in July, fashion comes to Miami in the form of two fashion events: Funkshion and Mercedes Benz Swim.

Mercedes Benz Swim

We go to this event every year but this year it has strung in size. Several brands have moved on including Wild fox (which only came last year),  True Religion (came 4 times and stopped 2 years ago), White Sands and Lisa Blue (both that came last year).

We are looking forward to companies that still consider Mercedes Benz Swim a place to showcase swimwear including Nikolita, Mara Hoffman and Beach bunny (who designs for Kim Kardashian).  These shows have a reputation of being well organized with show enhancing experiences. Mara Hoffman always has live music at her show, Beach Bunny has very unique designs and Nikolita has a unique aesthetic.

BCBG is back with a more show n tell rather that a fashion show. They only invite press and they are not on location.  Aqua Bendita and Poka Pono are also back but they always showcase too many designs including print changes of the same design. We hope to score an invite to Nanette Lapore which came last year unknown to us.

We are hesitate to see the new comers because little information is available on them. VIX PAULA HERMANNY has an interesting Brazil back story but the site failed to actually showcase a swimsuit from the brand even from the previous season.

Shows are getting hard to get into but standing will always be available.

For information on shows and dates go to http://miami.mbfashionweek.com/

Funkshion is famous for adding art to fashion.


Fashion elite may only apply for this event since there is not much information on the website and also some of the events are question-able. We went to the Cosmopolitan on Espanol event last year and the fashion show was unorganized. Gift bags were laid out every where and hence ransacked. The place was crowded with people who didn’t even read the magazine or were interested in promoting it.

We loved Toxie Sadie who gave away pink t-shirts to fans but also had great music and high personality models on stage. Sometimes the show gets artistic and we love to actually see these shows the most.

For information on the invitation only shows and dates go to http://www.funkshion.com/swim.html



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