"Fashion at the speed of life"

A bad shopping experience use to be an oxymoron but recently with the removal of so many from retail, I had what I thought would be a great sale turn into the longest shopping trip at Macy’s.  The sale was epic with 75% off shoes which is the kryptonite for most women but after 6 hours of waiting for a person to collect my shoes that I wanted, i just did not want them anymore. I gave up shoes for frustration!!! What happened?

The facts

When you decided that it is more important to save money by removing your staff then make money you have to:

  1. Sacrifice good service
  2. Have continuous sales to draw in customers
  3. increase spending on advertising

The problem is companies think they are saving money by cutting back on staff and having people take on more duties but in reality, they create frustrated employees who yell at your customers and make the shopping experience, well, bad. The fact is that by eliminating staff, you just have to spend money else where i.e. advertising and you close your profit margin with continuous sales.

The reality

Hire more people instead of having more people take on more duties!! If you don’t want permanent help, contact an agency for help during sales and peak seasons. I was definitely turned off by Macy’s after waiting 6 hours for three pairs of shoes that I decided to wait for the Dillard’s shoe sale.

So yes, Americans want instant gratification which is why online shopping isn’t more popular, so did you really save money by eliminating your staff or did you just end up eliminating your customers?



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