"Fashion at the speed of life"

The most interesting part of horror punk is its illusion to self-doubt, revenge on those who hurt you and escape from pain seem to speck universal truths. Wednesday 13 is no exception. They are not a new band but with the release of their new album, “The Dixie Dead”, back in February, we wanted to touch on this slightly underground band.

The name “Wednesday 13” comes from the love of campy horror movies and TV series, originating from the Addams family. Possibly, Wednesday Addams long hair that is similar to his own. Wednesday 13 was born Joesph Poole in Charolette, North Carolina and has moonlighted with several bands including Murderdolls (where his fame originated), Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13,  Bourbon Crow ( a country band with former Wednesday 13 members) and recently Gunfire 76 (with a more glam rock approach).

Poole has been around since 1994 but only began singing as Wednesday 13 since 2005. The horror themes remind me of Emily Autumn but with an edge of Avenge Sevenfold and the deep musical sounds of Rev Theory.  The new album did not release a single which is always a mistake but here is the song “bad things” which turned us onto this soloist.


Comments on: "Horror Punk: Wednesday 13" (1)

  1. Heather Westfield said:

    They sound awesome! Looks like they are giving Marilyn Manson for his money……..

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