"Fashion at the speed of life"

We are amazed on how punk music is still underground even with the surge in punk fashion. However, even though this band is not known mainstream, they still have the best fans with thousands of views on the YouTube song, “Daughters”.

The Story So Far is an American pop punk band from Walnut Creek, California formed in 2007. They are currently signed to Pure Noise Records. The band released its debut studio album Under Soil And Dirt in June 2011. On March 26, 2013, they released their second studio album, What You Don’t See. which debuted at number 46 on The Billboard 200.They have also released two EPs and two splits with bands Maker and Morgan Foster. The band was featured on the cover of Alternative Press’s March 2013 issue “100 Bands You Need to Know.”

So we end the week with the youngest punk band that has similar sounds (but unique never the less) of All American Rejects, Blink-182 and Simple Plan.  The sound has that teenage agony that grows to adulthood regret which is always relate-able. The song “daughters”, visits unrequited love, while “bad luck” talks about a nasty breakup where secrets were kept and never shared, and finally, “Things I can’t change” struggles with the need to keep a relationship with someone after love has ended.

The music is a little loud for the sweet and melancholy lyrics but you can control that on any music player. So here is our favorite video from this band:



Now don’t stop here, there are other punk  bands out there and we are suggesting you try Alkaline Trio (punk rock), Paramore (pop punk) and Snow White’s Poison Bite (horror punk).


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