"Fashion at the speed of life"

With so many trends bouncing around in the fashion world from the truly bizarre (socks and sandals?) to the ultra weather determined (shorts in Arkansas?), fashion is a train with so many stops none of us is sure where to get off. So here is a few tips on deciding whether you will abandon your style for trends or incorporate your own style:

I want to enhance my own style…

Okay, so you want to be trendy and have your own style, here are some style specific trends:


Okay, your style demands attention and we love that about you so either:

Be trendy and rocker: Wear leather shorts with a graphic tee and don’t be afraid to wear boots but keep it at ankle length.

Be trendy and bold: Go for black lace with black cloth shorts and don’t be scared to reveal your bra…we know you won’t!!


Be trendy and punk: Wear the sweater in summer trend with ripped or painted jeans. Wear sandals with rocker detail.

Be trendy and bold: Mix prints, pair two larger prints together for a bold look.

Try fringe separates for a new look

I want to go out on a limb…

So you don’t want to be safe well it is in your nature…

Rocker: Fringe is a rare treat but it is trendy and so pair this swinging trend with leather short (tops) or a fringed bottom with a lace top.

Punk:  We love the checker print look and want to see you pair it with the graphic tee trend. It pushes the envelope and that is always right up your alley.


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