"Fashion at the speed of life"

So we finally had a chance to finish this section and just in time since fall is already on everyone’s mind.  Summer is a time to experiment but if you are anything like me, you want to also express yourself as well so we put together some trends to promote your style as well as be risky:

Gruffles are sculptured ruffles.

I want to enhance my own style…


Like me you love looking extra feminine so here are some style specific trends:

Trendy and romantic: we love gruffles which are sculptured ruffles and pairing them with linen shorts for tops and for bottoms, keep it simple with a plain boxy top.

Trendy and bold: We also like the graphic flower trend but try it on textured backgrounds instead of the more traditional floral print on white background.


Trendy and vintage: The 60’s are back so either color block with contrasting colors (blue and red, yellow and purple, green and orange..) or covet sixties prints such as prints sliced together and contrasting stripe patterns.

Trendy and bold: Geometric prints are so 1970’s so try bright checker prints, and psychedelic patterns.

Geisha is sexy and feminine at the same time.

I want to go out on a limb…

Okay so you don’t want to be safe, here are some trends for the strong willed:

Romance: Go for Geisha by incorporating Asia print into your flirty skirts or pencil skirts.

Vintage: Try clever pop-art prints with wide-legged pants in white or a graphic print. Don’t go all print since that is just for the runway.


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