"Fashion at the speed of life"

I love facts and the love to add useful information and at least some insight so excuse me of the pictures added to this blog because it may not relate to the story I’m telling. The story is the rise of resale which shows like “retail royalty” are definitely promoting but I had to think why buy something used from someone else when you can buy custom pieces from new designers at a fraction of the price?

Plato’s Closet is a hot spot to sell and buy clothes.

The lure of Resale

Who doesn’t love the rush of getting a designer item at the fraction of the price? Even high-end retailers open outlet stores that sell specialty items as well as clearance items. However, we also notice that thrift stores are gaining in popularity. The question lies in why are people rushing to get used items when regular retail stores are busting out sales almost every week?

Americans are in love with the idea of the find: finding something of value for less, finding something unique, and of course finding something no one else owns. Now the question is why haven’t new designers tapped into this love of the find and how do they?

The hunt let’s you post finds and an url. Post your designs and see who bites.

New Sites that cater to resale lovers

If indie designers want to compete in the world of retail, they may want to reach consumers that can’t find that no longer available item and are willing to look for similarities. A host of sites are allowing customers to find things just like what they want.

The hunt

Thehunt.com allows you to post items you are looking to purchase, the price you are willing to pay and rather you want an exact or replica of the original. If you find something similar to the anything, you see on the site, you can also place a find and where you found it. This tool could be useful to indie designers since you can post links to your own site. It recently caught the eye of  Tyra Banks who is offering funding so new features are most likely on the way.

Social bliss

I like socialbliss.com because I can cruise what other people spot throughout the internet and it comes with a neat clip tool that you can add to your toolbar.  It is a great marketing tool and again can bring people to your site. Also don’t forget to repost items from other users that can be found on your site since that post may have more followers than your own.





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