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Mikoh dinner

Mikoh dinner

Raised in the cozy beach town of San Clemente in Orange County, Oleema and Kalani Miller have grown up with the ocean in their backyard. Being blessed with a big family full of surfers and lovers of the ocean, the girls spent their childhood either in the salty water and waves or on the beach and in the sun. These California beach girls grew up in a bathing suit– with big smiles on their faces, sunburns on their cheeks, and sand in their hair. So, it comes to no surprise that they would design swimwear of their own.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim started with an assignment from Accessories Magazine to attend dinner at the Delano Hotel restaurant, Bianca.  The dinner was hosted by Kalani and Oleema Miller, sister designers of Mikoh Swimwear. The atmosphere was cool and relaxed as Kalani worked the crowd and Oleema discussed the inspiration from their new collection. The designers had wisely decided to forgo a runway show and instead offered a more intimate view into themselves and their collection.

Thier new collection, Into the Sea, is inspired by the familar sights and sounds of the ocean with the gentle splash, fluttering chill on sun-kissed skin and the calm of a long swim. The results is light and airy cover-ups, bright beachy hues and netting detail similar to sun beams on a hot summer day.

At the dinner, we meet fellow bloggers and made lots of friends but we wanted to see more of the brand. We decided to drop by their loft space at Salon Allure on Sunday to see more of their collection. We were able to get an interview with Oleema which we included below.

Next, assignment…


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