"Fashion at the speed of life"

Chloe at Funkshion


Fashion week started in full swing and we are even more pumped to see swimwear gracing the runway. The same day we sat down for cocktails, we went to Funkshion at the Soho house for an invitation only showing of Chloe swimwear. The place was packed with industry persons and we suspect just people who loved fashion. The drinks were free and we crowd the bar but we made a fatal mistake. When the show started, we were in the back. Luckily, I sprung into action and used my zoom camera to take some great pictures.

The look


Chloe was full of accent brights (yellow and pink), black and white prints (mostly stripe and polka dots) and neutral colors (beige, black and white).  These color combinations gave an air of elegance and a visual transportation to St. Tropez.  Oddly enough, this is the only show we went to that the models wore flats which gave a laid back vacation-like feel.  We also love the fit. Everything seemed to hug the body and even accent the areas that most swimwear tries to conceal.  We also liked the coverups.


The coverups had a bedtime cozy feel like they were made to soak in the sun’s rays. They were also ready to go from beach to tiki bar. Of course, white is a hard color to bring to the beach (I mean its see-through when wet) but the look of effortless cool may just be worth the risk. To see more images from the show, check out of facebook page at www.facebook.com/thefashiongoddessblog




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