"Fashion at the speed of life"

We have already stated items to keep from your summer wardrobe and now it is time to see what to store for next summer. We had a lot of trends this summer from the not so practical (holographic) to ones we could use in everyday life (backpacks).

So here are the items, we are suggesting to store for Summer 2014:



These handbags are here to stay. New styles, smaller sizes and more adornments are all expected to add supple changes. Still, the style you have now can be a start to your summer 2014 wardrobe. Camaflouge is akso a big trend.



These now summer staples get an upgrade with softer fabrics,  brighter prints and patterns. It is best to keep shorts of linen, prints and interesting fabrics. Store jean shorts and leather shorts.


Black and white

This trend has staying power and versatility. You can see it repeated in clothes, shoes, and handbags which makes it easy to add to your personal style.



This style came into being last year and seems adamant to stick around for another season. We see the style in more solid neutral colors but little has changed from what you already have in your closet.


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