"Fashion at the speed of life"

Yeah, we had some weird trends pop up this summer and even though some are destined to become wardrobe staples, others are just destined for the trash (but we are eco-friendly on this blog so please head for the donation box, someone might want them). So here are the trends you most likely invested in thinking they are in for the long-hall but in actually….

Neon won’t be around for next summer…


Once one of the favorite trends of every fashionista and enjoyed popularity for the past two summers, we thought this trend had staying power. At last, it is finally on the way out. Of course, not all of us are slaves to fashion trends and neon can stay in your closet if you are an eighties vintage baby or in neo-punk. However, most of us are not that brave. So end to the donation box with neon shirts and tees. Keep skirts with dark overlay or neon prints ( a hint of neon but not all neon) I predict that these more subtle neon articles may still pop up in the future.

Clear anything….why in the first place?


Clear heels were once thought hooker fare (yes, i went there) but for one season, it was a fashion statement. That season is over… These shoes are being tossed back to where they came as well as clear accessories like handbags, lucite jewelry and headbands. Of course, you can keep clear lucite jewelry in your wardrobe if you are 1970’s vintage baby. Don’t get me wrong, personal style aside, this see-through trend is disappearing.

No more bra vision…sheer shirts are on the way out.

Sheer tops

No need to get tank tops to cover your bra now that sheer tops are on the way out along with sheer hybrid bottoms (opaque fabric on the butt with sheer legs). I love sheer clothes since I live in Florida but the extra layer to actually wear them comfortably makes it an unbearable trend. Keep sheer hybrid bottoms if you are into classic beach looks but if you don’t live in Cali, SOFL or Hawaii, this trend belongs in the donation box.

So clean house and prepare for your next shopping trip as we highlight what trends to invest in for fall….


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