"Fashion at the speed of life"

Strange that in this recession, we somehow got more obsessed with one of the most costly (and time consuming) trend: beauty. From hair to nails, these trends are on the way out…

Goodbye Ombre for more solid color hair looks!


Say goodbye to ombre hair. The style has recently gone global which means that we no longer remain a head of the hair trend (pun intended).  We are going back to basics with brown and darker colors returning to the mainstream. Of course, we still like the cool color trends as blue, pink and other unnatural colors remain an interesting change to routine.

large additions to your nails are out – stick to painted shapes.


Adding large nail art to your nails are totally out.  Something can be said about creativity when you use just nail polish to make a statement.

Too dramatic eyes are so out… Simple liner looks are staples for fall.

Eye makeup

Okay, our picture is way too exaggerated but you got the point. Eye makeup has returned to monotone hues when working with eye shadow as well as minimal looks with just eyeliner. Smoky eye in colors other than black are prevalent this fall as well as a look called the floating eye which deals with adding eyeliner on the eyelid.



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