"Fashion at the speed of life"


With hair trends taking the front seat in every major runway, we can’t help to think that this trend may be most important this season. With traditional hair by the wayside (frost what?, highlights huh?) and what was new being now outdated (ombre passe?); keeping up with hair trends are as exhausting as keeping up with the Kardashians. Here are what we have dubbed the easiest hair trends of the season for every length.



This could have been a frizzy nightmare for girls with short hair but this season, wavy is the new curly. Because the bottom half is wavy and the top is straight, it gives a feminine touch while remaining practical (you can still wear a hat in cold weather).  For short hair use a curling iron while longer hair can go for leave in large curls. This look is best suited for romantic and vintage types.



This trend is the most versatile and can be utilized by any style maverick. For classic, add a foreband in braided leather, for romance or vintage use side barettes, for punk or rock add headband styles with studs or zipper trim, and causal look for a cloth headwrap. Of course, without hair accessories this trend has the most ease to produce for all hair lengths with only the need for mousse and a large paddle brush.


Bone straight

This look is similar to the slick-back look but we do not show our ears and it requires more of a softness. In other words, it requires your hair to flow and move. So ditch the mousse for a serum or an anti-frizz cream if your hair is dry and use a wide round brush with a blow dryer.

Great for glam looks and for extra glam styles, add oil for shine.

I hope this styles will help you on the road to great fall hair. For colors, stick to browns or blacks. If you are feeling adventurous, try pastels in darkish colors like purple or blue.


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