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Fall 2013 beauty: nail trends

Finally, we have the newest trend to hit the runways even sparking new magazines and new blogs, it’s the nail trend. Yes, it allows for self-expression but of course as fashion grabs hold of what the masses have embraced, we now see subdued trends complimentary to the minimalist beauty trend for fall. So here are the three trends we have picked but remember,  you can still play with self-expression.


Moon tipped

This trend takes french to a new level, adding a dark color base to full moon tips in white. This trend can complete the look in any style but remember pastels can not be used with this nail trend. Metallic add-ons add a more brazen approach instead of the white.



Gold, silver, and bronze are all in style this fall. The trend is matte metallics with a shiny top coat. The addition of small dots, magnetic looks, and other texture can add a personal look.


Neutral nails

Using bieges and creams with one coat can add dimension to your nails.  Use nail polish remover to remove the tip for a fade to cream look.

These simple trends can be incorporated into any look and any style.


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