"Fashion at the speed of life"

We love the innovation of designers but sometimes they forget the ideas of functionality and seem to avoid practicality all together. So here are the trends we are labeling “not your friends” this fall season.

Gucci adds feathers to this skirt adding movement but removing practicality.


I love feathers, in jewelry, and headpieces but not on clothes. The issues are many but mostly care and functionality.  Of course, we also wanted to know where we would wear this between work, home and children.

Asymmetrical can only be flattering on the super skinny and those who are not body-conscious.


The problem with this silhouette is that a limited few can wear it plus layering is required to bring the out the full effect. This fact can add unnecessary bulk to people with curves and also leave big chested girls out in the cold.  If you are thin and small busted and don’t mind piling on multiple layers of clothes (or have the time to layer) then this trend is for you.

These looks would look better in velvet and be more versatile.

Flat fur

This trend is just not pleasing to look at because it resembles those cheap fur rugs seen in dorm rooms. The problem is that it never looks flattering.  Also, it has limited wear capabilities because it only looks good as a suit (both pieces are fur) or as a solid fabric in the same color as the fur. We also note that this trend will most likely have a limited shelf-life, it won’t be around next fall so it isn’t worth investing in at all.



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